Sheep's cheese made with raw milk.

In raw cheese, the temperature of the milk never rises above 36º, thus the fermentation is carried out with natural bacteria, avoiding adding artificial ferments.

The physicochemical changes, which in the end are responsible for the flavor, texture and aroma, are carried out by microorganisms and enzymes in a slow and natural way accompanied by the loss of water and the migration of salt towards the center of the cheese.

in depth

What is our cheese like?


We have achieved homogeneity in the product throughout the year, using artisanal but very controlled manufacturing. And applying technical parameters based on the evolution of the raw material throughout the year.


Through a  long pressing and exhaustive drying we achieve a unique product as the final result.


This flavor is the result of the high quality of our raw materials and our care in the production process..


Hard cheese with significant consistency and not rough or brittle.

ciudad de sansueña

Morphological features

Ciudad Sansueña Cheese is a unique cheese, and this is not only evident when it is tasted
if not also, in its morphological conditions, in its external appearance, where its
rind, its eye... which also make this cheese a different product.

Natural cutness

No paint or plastic treatments are used. This crust is obtained  naturally after  Constantly brush the cheese.

Crust thickness

It is minimal, being a cheese that has been cured for one year. This is because healing is very slow.


It is a solid cut with hardly any eyes.
Homogeneous color.
Continuous non-brittle texture.


Very fine eye, evenly distributed and with irregular “partridge's eye” shapes

'Drink wine and eat cheese, you will grow old' (spanish saying)

'With good cheese and better wine, the shorter the path becomes.' (spanish saying)