Lácteas Zamoro is a company with more than 25 years of experience and dedication to the production of raw milk sheep cheese.

The origin of the company is undoubtedly an illusion. It is located in Santibañez de Vidriales, BENAVENTE Y LOS VALLES area, in the province of Zamora.

The company was founded in the year  In 1995, it was started by Juan Uña Prieto, a veterinarian by profession, who decided to create a small cheese factory to transform the milk from the sheep of the family flock.

His passion for las ovejas y por el queso, le viene dada, prácticamente, desde su nacimiento, ya que durante varias generaciones su familia se ha dedicado al pastoreo.

Soon the factory facilities become too small and the milk from the family herd becomes insufficient to serve  to the demand for cheeses, which  has led  to the  company, to be doing throughout these years,  a series of expansions, the current result being facilities of approximately 7,500 square meters with modern machinery, in fact in 2022 the company obtained the award for technological innovation awarded by the Zamora Chamber of Commerce, modern machinery that combines perfectly with traditional production methods..

Juan always planned to find a balance between quality and modernity, which is why he always opted for those innovations.  And technological advances that led to an increase in product quality.

The company's main asset is the cheese itself.


The final result of this unique cheese comes from a rigorous selection of the raw material ,the milk. For this reason, Lácteas Zamoro has a team of veterinarians on its staff who control the health and food of the sheep and also has a department of quality control that daily analyzes each entry of milk that is made to the facilities.

Another very notable asset is that Lácteas Zamoro produces only raw milk sheep cheese. This is our only product. Therefore, all research efforts, quality improvements, development of new formats, etc. They are focused on a single product; raw milk sheep's cheese.

It is also worth highlighting the agility and speed in service to the demands of our clients.

The initial presentation format of whole cheese or wedges has gone very varied formats and various specialties  para responder a las exigencias de los clientes, incluidos los mercados international

A family business, with modern facilities,

in which it has been possible to perfectly combine the traditional methods de elaboración con la adaptación de la of elaboration with the adaptation of the to market demands.